Distinctive versatility and flair for music together with an undoubtedly impressive experience of many years won Francesco a place amongst the most natural and dedicated performers of music industry. 
Francesco’s first aspirations came from his native city, Naples, where he started learning playing a guitar at just 12 with a main focus on classical music. Later on he joined the band and played variety of pop and rock music using his electrical solid body guitar. At the time he marveled at the oeuvre of Wes Montgomery,George Benson,Larry Carlton ,Pat Metheny, Bach,Ennio morriconi.
Francesco collaborated on various projects with the local musicians sharing his knowledge and Mediterranean background: 
Opening of Soho Jazz Festival where he played with the guitarists Giorgio Serci and John Henderson.
Winter Garden Ballroom Reception in Blackpool playing with Antonio Forcione
Music and comedy Festival in Edinburgh.
Gradually Francesco identified his musical genre as Latin Jazz with a Flamenco touch. This was influenced by his frequent joint performance act with the gypsy and Spanish guitarists.While performing live Francesco has been continuously working on his own solo projects and creating his own compositions. As a result his first album was issued in 2000 that is currently sold 3000 copies. All 11 tracks embraced his immense passion for music, the honor of experiencing and playing with the talented artist from around the world and of course the love for his native city, Naples, where he recorded this album. He has also taken part as a session player in the musical albums for the recording artists such as Joanna Eden , Lee John ( the legendary leader of Imagination band)
Regardless of diversity in Francesco’s musical career, the Nylon String Guitar is still his favorite companion till these days and this defines his style and personal taste in music. He is currently working on a few projects including his second album. He is also planning to feature his voice alongside his instrumental compositions.